life and times of a girl in nrotc , living the dream with speed and intensity, pt-ing like a boss and obviously hydrating continuously

When a 4/c does something stupid

When PT is unexpectedly canceled on Friday morning…

Not getting the book stipend till the end of October….

4/c Marine option trying to road guard for the first time


Anonymous asked: Hi! I'm applying for the nrotc scholarship and I was wondering how important the physical assessment is towards the application. I'm strong in leadership and academics, but pretty weak when it comes to the physical aspect. Would they just see that I have the potential to improve and just put me in remedial (which I don't mind)? Thank you!

PT is super important- It’s hard work to get where you need to be but it’s a huge part of it! ROTC in general is pretty competitive, remedial is an option but if you come in prepared getting a good on the PRT is most definitely achievable. Start NOW and work hard- It will be worth it.

Seeing a 4/c out on friday night


Getting to wear civies to drill


When the mentor list comes out and my mentees aren’t awkward


When a uniform actually looks good on another female MIDN

When a 4/c realizes they called a MIDN a Gunnery Sergeant during inform.