life and times of a girl in nrotc , living the dream with speed and intensity, pt-ing like a boss and obviously hydrating continuously

When you get a text asking if you forgot about the meeting that started 3 minutes ago



After cruise when I can finally take my hair out of a bun


Prepping for incoming 4/C


When my friends ask me what I did on my 2/c Cruise.


What I really did…


Anonymous asked: YOUR BLOG IS PERFECT. Literally made my day. Can't wait to share with my nrotc girls. BEAT ARMY <3


During the World Cup

when the USA is playing

when the USA is not playing

basically all the time

When Navy Beats Army

roseink asked: I just found your blog and you are an inspiration to us all. If you wouldn't mind passing along a message to the anon who is a junior in high school who's top choice is GW: I'm a 4/C at GW this year and I would love for you to message me to talk about it if you wanted!

For ANON and thanks :)

Anonymous asked: So are you in ROTC? I can't tell


Anonymous asked: love your blog! i'm starting NROTC next semester and your blog makes me so excited (and slightly anxious) to start haha keep up the awesome work :)