life and times of a girl in nrotc , living the dream with speed and intensity, pt-ing like a boss and obviously hydrating continuously

Anonymous asked: YOUR BLOG IS PERFECT. Literally made my day. Can't wait to share with my nrotc girls. BEAT ARMY <3


During the World Cup

when the USA is playing

when the USA is not playing

basically all the time

When Navy Beats Army

roseink asked: I just found your blog and you are an inspiration to us all. If you wouldn't mind passing along a message to the anon who is a junior in high school who's top choice is GW: I'm a 4/C at GW this year and I would love for you to message me to talk about it if you wanted!

For ANON and thanks :)

Anonymous asked: So are you in ROTC? I can't tell


Anonymous asked: love your blog! i'm starting NROTC next semester and your blog makes me so excited (and slightly anxious) to start haha keep up the awesome work :)


When I Walk by a PRB Meeting

Avert your eyes

When a Hot New Midshipman Joins the Unit

When I Have to Take Navigation Class

Great Circles or SRMs, anyone?

Anonymous asked: Hi! I'm a junior in high school right now and I've wanted to be in the military for quite a while now. I think that doing ROTC would be really great (I haven't applied to college yet but my top choice is George Washington University in DC) but I just have one big problem -- I'm super small/skinny and unathletic/weak. I want to do ROTC but I don't know if I could get to the point where I'm strong enough to do all of the PT in a year? And I feel like I would be harassed/looked down on? Advice?

Honestly I had never done an upper body workout in my life before I started ROTC and PLENTY of people come into the program not physically prepared for it. You are a junior in high school and have more than enough time to improve. Here is what I suggest doing everyday before you shower do as many push-ups/situps as you can (hell start on your knees if you have to) and everyday try to do one more than the day before or do them in sets of ten until you can’t do anymore. If you take small steps everyday you will be amazed about how much you will improve.


Usually at the beginning of the school year if you fail the PRT you will be placed on remedial, so you’ll have to do more/harder workouts. Usually there are 3 hours of pt a week and every battalion set them up differently. I would say generally you will be fine. Just take small steps now and you will be amazed at how far you will go.